Hot Summer Nights 2020

Bert Kresicher Hot Summer Nights Tour 2020

Bert Kreischer’s Drive-In Comedy Tour Revolutionizes Stand-Up Amidst Pandemic

Comedian Bert Kreischer ingeniously reimagined live comedy in the face of COVID-19 with his Hot Summer Nights Tour, a first-of-its-kind drive-in stand-up tour. Overcoming the challenges imposed by the pandemic, Kreischer transformed drive-in theaters and spacious outdoor venues across America into stages for his comedy shows, allowing audiences to enjoy the live experience from the safety of their cars.

Dave Williamson performing on the 2020 (socially-distanced) Hot Summer Nights Tour

Socially-distanced Comedy

Embracing his role as a trailblazer, Kreischer extended the wildly successful tour into the fall with additional dates. Maintaining a commitment to safety, the shows followed rigorous social distancing protocols in line with CDC guidelines, while managing to bring in impressive attendance figures and a warm reception from critics and fans alike.

Dave Williamson performing on the 2020 (socially-distanced) Hot Summer Nights Tour

Bert Kreisher's Hot Summer Nights Tour 2020

Tickets for the extended leg of the tour went on sale with pre-access for fans and event insiders, as Kreischer continued to connect with his audience through humor, proving that creativity could thrive, even amidst unprecedented global challenges. The Hot Summer Nights Tour not only kept the spirit of comedy alive but also set a precedent for live entertainment during the pandemic era.

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